Designers that fit between creativity & commerce don’t exi- 💸

Is your business struggling online to reach sales targets? Or are you looking for a data-driven designer to work closer with marketing, design, and finance to improve revenue?

Would it make sense to hire someone who was previously a junior accountant then worked for 6 years in digital design looking for the sweet spot between business and design? Do you need someone with experience who has ran their own design consultancy? And also inhouse at interactive agencies to help businesses sell more products?

I’ve helped ecommerce stores reach 70% added revenue in just one month after updating their WordPress theme. With a simple strategy that I’ve honed over the past 6 years.

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I’ve worked with Twitter / / Elixir Coffee / Bulk Fuel Australia / Next Byte / Fonezone / HBS Machinery / AVEO Group / Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers

In hiring me, I’ll look to build you better sales funnels, remove a lot of the expensive problems an organisation might have in their digital and marketing areas and try to bring in a lot more short and long term revenue.

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