Designers That Fit Between Creativity & Commerce Don’t Exi- 💸

Is your business struggling online to reach sales targets? Or are you looking for a data-driven designer to work closer with marketing, design, and finance to improve revenue?

Would it make sense to hire someone who was previously a junior accountant then worked for 6 years in digital design looking for the sweet spot between business and design?

I’ve helped ecommerce stores reach 70% added revenue in just one month after updating their WordPress theme. With a simple strategy that I’ve honed over the past 6 years.

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I’ve worked with Twitter / / Elixir Coffee / Bulk Fuel Australia / Next Byte / Fonezone / HBS Machinery / AVEO Group / Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers

In hiring me, I’ll look to build you better sales funnels, remove a lot of the expensive problems an organisation might have in their design, digital and marketing areas and try to bring in a lot more short and long term revenue.

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