How to Show Your Prices Online – Make it Feel Lower or Higher

Noticed a few businesses in high-touch sales lately use this huge sales mistake in their business.

Ok, I’ll go into a brief story about how I came across this tactic.

I read a load of books on business strategy and … [Click to Continue]

4 Easy Reasons for Facebook Retargeting Ads

Facebook Retargeting Ads

I use Facebook Retargeting Ads in my business and they cost me more than a general Facebook Ad though I know the value of the customer when they are at any stage in the closing process.

You can just set … [Click to Continue]

4 Ecommerce Quick Wins You Can Have Today

When you’ve built a platform for so long it’s not uncommon to want to start again. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Tiny changes can have a huge impact. My own example, for
I changed the width … [Click to Continue]

2 Ecommerce Lead Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Over 17% of all sales on this planet will be transacted through the internet and ecommerce leads, that number is growing higher every month.

…50% of all customers spend more than 75% of their shopping time in research on a … [Click to Continue]

How to Choose a Product That Makes You Money

‘To choose a product’ is what I find store owners having a huge issue with at the moment.

They see a bunch of ads on Facebook promoting some drop shipping product and think this is a sure fire way to … [Click to Continue]