Ladbrokes Favourite vs Field

The Favourite vs Field project was a concept I initiated between odd jobs. The product is utilised on the desktop version of the site and gives clear steps on how to place the bet.



I utilised that same process of including steps to get the user through to placing their bet in the most basic user experience I could think of.

It didn't need to be the sexiest part of the site though it did need have clear purpose as soon as a user had arrived through the sidebar menu.

Favourite vs Field is a vanity product for entertainment sake. Not a vital part to a regular punters flow.


I wanted to show my working to provide a quick concept around how this would work.

Moving into Adobe Illustrator I showed my working and let the big boss know about how I thought this product should work.

This took me all of 15 minutes and it cut down on time immensely and moved onto other tasks that were a lot more valuable.

Wireframes isn't Everything in UX or Product Design

Wireframes are one of many options for the presentation/verification layer of a concept. A lot of companies drag their heals with this. The above concept was rushed through in Adobe Illustrator to do one thing. Illustrate an idea.

Speed is everything in business. Why wouldn't you have your idea output as fast as possible? I'm not getting into a 'fail fast' argument, I'm looking at bottom line revenue for a billion dollar company.

Steps 1-3 Easily Choose What You Are Betting On

You can bet on so many different things in horse racing. A form guide is insane to look at for first timers. Being an 'entertainment' company we need to look at more generic language for first-timers and take them down a path of least resistance.

The multi-step idea takes a lot of ideas from the airbnbs of the worlds with stripped back interfaces and giving users their best chance to complete the goal.

Steps 4-5 Let the User Visualise the Win

The best salesmen do this, it's happened forever so why can't we have it?

Having the user come through 1-3 they've already built themselves up to see a clear return in the shiny animated sticky footer.

The final step they need to take is to 'Add to Betslip' then 'Place Bet'. We've already let them visualise the win and guide them through an easy process without much tension.

How Did I Provide Real Value?

By showing a new way of getting a user to complete a task, and present it in a neat way.

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