3 Ways to Manage WooCommerce Stock


A big gripe from many small ecommerce shops coming from Shopify is that they don’t enjoy the WooCommerce product area to manage stock. It is a little on the clunky side of things I have to admit as a user experience professional. Though it’s always improving and I’m perfectly fine with it.

Ok, so sometimes the speed of those improvements open the door to drastically different  looking solutions. And you may be inclined to search for alternate measures to hold your stock. And I’ve had a few chances to use some of these for my clients.

Manage WooCommerce stock outside WooCommerce

You might not be keen to spend money immediately on something that is already packed in your system. Though maybe look to it for ways when your ecommerce is getting bigger and aim to cut down on clicks through each product.

Some that I’ve had a good look at that are in this post.


Probably a more stock management tool. With a solid price tag. Though if you are selling a lot I wouldn’t balk at the price if it helped my day to day.

A tool I’d definitely look at if you have large internal systems. And get the most out of WooCommerce sales.

Key features from their marketing site.

  • Manage multiple WooCommerce stores
  • Multi-channel sales management
  • Keep stock levels up-to-date across all sales channels
  • Manage orders & fulfillments with ease
  • Customer & supplier management
  • Manage purchasing of goods
  • Manage goods across multiple-warehouses
  • Keep price levels & product names up-to-date
  • Private B2B eCommerce portal enables wholesale online
  • TradeGecko for Sales on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch enables wholesale on-the-go

Smart Manager

Smart Manager is a unique, revolutionary tool that gives you the power to efficiently manage products, customers and orders using the popular WooCommerce.

As a business owner, your time is better spent on marketing and customer service than on store administration. Unfortunately store administration with can take significant time. Day after day.

Smart Manager will boost your productivity 10x in managing products, customers and orders. You can browse, search, add, update and delete multiple products & variations, customers or orders using a familiar, single page, spreadsheet like interface. Use our smart Batch Update to change multiple fields on multiple items – all at once with zero errors. You will discover a new way of store administration with this add-on. It frees you up from mundane housekeeping tasks. So you can spend that time on anything that makes you more money.

Key features from their marketing site.

  • Easy reviews
  • Stock Level Control Options
  • Take Down Products Quickly
  • Add, Remove Products To Groups
  • Built In Validation
  • Take Down Products Quickly
  • Significantly Faster

WooCommerce Warehouses

From the themeforest site.

  • Multiple warehouses.
  • Stock management.
  • Stock movement log.
  • Warehouse to warehouse stock transfer.
  • Stock usage priorities by warehouse (global, per item and user country priorities).
  • Allow warehouses to serve as pickup locations for buyers.
  • Backend orders with warehouse stock usage.
  • Handles both products and product variations.

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