Online bookings with WooCommerce Bookings Plugin

The fourth part in my story arch on building your root on WordPress. This part shows how your consulting business can benefit from a really flexible WordPress plugin that can give you added flexibility and giving you more time to focus on the business and making more money. In fact it basically help you setup online bookings properly.

Building your root with WordPress part 4

Online bookings for your WordPress Website don’t come better than WooThemes’ Bookings. The ability to hook into Google Calendar have people book on your homepage of your website are very beneficial. You can also customise the pricing when more than 1 person are in the consultation/booking session.

There are some drawbacks that include a price tag that is quite an investment, though don’t be put off. A WooThemes theme, the plugin and your firsts months hosting will come under $300. That’s a very cheap website if you know what you’re doing.

In my demonstration I’ll be using the following:

Woothemes flagship theme, Canvas and their child theme Duo. Together a nice WordPress eCommerce setup.

Included Plugin
WooCommerce Bookings

WordPress Theme
Duo (Canvas child theme)

WooCommerce Bookings settings part 1: Plugin and bookings setup

Once you’ve installed the plugins you’ll be required to set up your general settings in WooCommerce. I only just touched the general settings for the demonstration to change to Australian dollars. Then headed on to the Products > Add Product page. If you’re familiar with WooCommerce’s product interface you’ll know that the Product Data area houses the majority of secondary data. This is where you see ‘Simple Product’ and need to change to a ‘Bookable Product’.

The three tabs you need to worry about as a consultant are General, Availability and Costs.


Fairly straight forward. Though parts I’d take a solid look at is Costs. Availability is straight forward, though I found it a little difficult to set up my times. Make sure you choose the Range setting and type your allocated hours for bookings.


WooCommerce Bookings settings part 2: Payment setup

To make sure above that no shipping details are present I’d checked the ‘Virtual’ product in the ‘General’ settings tab. And then I head over to WooCommerce > Checkout > PayPal and setup my PayPal account and I’m done booking online.



WooCommerce Bookings settings part 3: Customisations

I love the flexibility of WooCommerce Bookings. It gives a lot more value under the hood then previously sold. The ability to turn time periods off, global booking settings, attaching .ics files directly to the notification emails.

To change a lot of your areas and customise more head to these parts of your plugin:

  • Bookings > Send Notifications
  • Bookings > Settings
  • Your Product > Bookable Product > Costs
  • Your Product > Bookable Product > Availability


Woothemes built an Online Booking plugin that can really make you a lot more money. It’s takes a little learning though once I figured it all out, made a lot of sense. Something I think I’ll integrate for booking project with Department Design in future.

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