WooCommerce Expert For Hire! 4 Quick Results You Can Count On!


You’re an Ecommerce Entrepreneur! You’ve taken a huge leap choosing WooCommerce! It’s not the easiest and that is fine. You’ve managed to get to where you’re at without much help, and things may be moving along slowly but surely for you. You’ve probably got your store up, picked a theme without a WooCommerce Expert, and maybe even made some sales.

Or maybe you’re an already established store, bringing in thousands of dollars in revenue each week.

Either way you’ve started. And that is massive for me. 

However, to get to your next level in growth, you’re going to need a dedicated WooCommerce Expert with WooCommerce expertise to handle the technical aspects of your store. At the very least, have someone you can regularly call and rely on for their expertise.

Here are 4 key reasons why every WooCommerce store should hire an expert (in your area) to manage the technical aspects of your store.

1. I’ll Save You a LOT of Money!

If you’re anything like you me, you’re all about saving money. You’re not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and do the work yourself if it’ll save you a few bucks.

But there comes a point when you realise that going it alone is costing you more time and effort than you’d care to spend. Or worse, you’ve gotten yourself into a dilemma that’s beyond your expertise and you’re now scrambling to get professional help. I’m sure you’ve been there before; stuck trying to sift through developers on Upwork while your site is sitting there broken, losing money.

2. Your Time is Valuable. Do What Makes You Money with Help from a WooCommerce Expert!

Wouldn’t your time and effort be better spent on growing the business instead of worrying about theme tweaks and updating plugins? Think about it. How many hours a day do you spend on fixing website issues, website design changes, broken themes or even trying to track down those developers in another time zone? How much of that time would have been better spent on handling things like planning your growth and marketing initiatives?

Your time is precious and you need qualified and dependable developers on your team to help tackle your store’s technical needs so you can focus on the most important stuff.

3. Handle WooCommerce Emergencies with More Customisation Under the Hood!

Do you have someone available in your time zone that you can reach out to in the middle of an emergency technical issue? Do you have confidence that person can handle the majority of technical issues thrown at them without spending hours or days to resolve? If you can’t answer those confidently, you need to seriously re-evaluate your decision to use your current developer or technical support team.
Critical technical issues happen, and in the online ecosystem your dealing with an ever changing landscape of bugs, security holes and internet issues. The important thing is that you have a responsive support team that’s got your back.

4. I’ll Improve Your Store’s Security

If your site were to be comprised right now, what would you do? Who would you call?

There’s a lot more to managing the technical aspect of a website, especially an ecommerce site. Your customers depend on your site to be secure and safe.  Ignoring these things can be detrimental to your business and having a dependable WooCommerce team you can call can help ease your mind.

I’ve seen plenty of store owners think of security as an afterthought. Many believe by keeping the site up to date and slapping on an SSL certificate they’re covered. While these things are very important, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. There are multiple other areas where your store could be compromised and not locking these areas down can leave your WooCommerce store incredibly vulnerable.

I actively follow WordPress and WooCommerce security updates to be aware of any critical bugs or holes, run weekly security scans and will proactively make adjustments to your site that will improve security.

Check out my Pricing page and hire a WooCommerce Expert today.

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