5 Reasons You Should Use WooCommerce for E-Commerce


In 2 years I’ve moved my business into a lean, value-creating machine. I learnt WooCommerce once it came out and how I can manipulate the template files for great benefits to my clients.

Here is an overview of how I use and love WooCommerce, one of the up and coming E-Commerce platforms:

1.Low level entry of cost, it’s FREE

When I first started on working on eCommerce, I had to set hefty minimums of around $7, 000 to work on such a thing. And I think it put a lot of people off selling quality products. Now I can set up my starter theme, add my AJAX instant cart button and sell with PayPal or Stripe almost immediately. And, at a quarter of the original cost to the client.

2. It makes me help clients sell more of their product

I just want to provide value when I work on WooCommerce and Ecommerce. If a client sells 12 items a day then I want them to see that I’ve made them that back with the new implementations. WooCommerce lets me handle impressive solutions, fast and with the most amount of flexibility of any ecommerce platform.

3. WooCommerce is your own platform, licensed to you and your business

Other ECommerce platforms are offered as monthly offerings. This boxes you in to their business model. Not yours. I really stress this fact. Many hosting companies do 1-Click WordPress installs and hosting can vary incredibly. So you’re limited by your own price ceiling and options here and the options are endless.

4. A load of extensions to turn up your offering

I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent in the WooCommerce extensions store. But I can tell you my clients are making multiples of thousands of dollars on what I’ve spent there. I’d suggest figuring your offering through there and think of it as another investment along with your products.

5. It’s good business WooCommerce is I tells you

WooThemes have a great business model based around their licensing. That means that their code quality is always great and you are paying for a top value item. I was initially in revolt to their new model in 2012. Though it made sense to my business model too. I can get a lot of advanced javascript and options in there which I’d usually contract out.

6. Bulk import/edit products for saving time.

I use the CSV Import Suite. It makes me like dealing with product content. Whereas in the past I’ve dreaded going in and doing manual product edits. Usually taking a whole morning to get through a bunch of out of date items.

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