Ladbrokes Spring Carnival

For 2015 Melbourne Cup I worked on a feature area that novice gamblers could put a punt on with one less click and without all the noise what day-to-day punters know and use.

Goal: Give a novice punter the ability to build bets sooner and achieve much higher ROI while acquiring customers that are having trouble betting on other Australian platforms.

Version 1

Originally we grabbed the 2014 version and reskinned the header with the use of the Englishmen that were key marketing elements used in advertising.

The Englishmen you see were paramount when Ladbrokes Australia acquired the license from England. The ads were quite recognisable with the ‘Bet Better with Ladbrokes’ in a quite thick English accent. So good to use.

….we went with a tabbing idea to further implement the ability bet sooner on featured runners.


Version 2

Testing a fuller width field. This was to gain optimum use of the space provided.

Ended up feeling a bit off with Ladbrokes marketing detail being split 2/3 & 1/3 directly below. So we ended up opting for the Version 4.


Version 3

A good balance of the both.

I coded in a character count to manage the major races copy. As there is usually about 20-odd runners and a lot to say on Melbourne Cup this helps the novice punter find the horse they’ve recently been told about sooner.