Ladbrokes management planned to go into esports. With the large growth esports in rising Asia, Ladbrokes Australia felt the next step to move from was to capitalise on millennials, after what they thought was dominating the 25-34 market of Australian betting market in racing & sports.


Ladbrokes leadership set out to partner up on a project together where the focus was to push out a product to market younger users from the rise of esports amongst South-East Asia.

The app needed to be lightweight and have a soft edge visually. Going down the route of an interface which kept the elements from current Ladbrokes users and tied into the new market was an ideal solution.

Designing for a Younger Demo ?

We found users in this demo were originally a little hesitant to use a traditional bookmaker. Therefore the reasoning to design a platform from scratch.

Executing the same project could have been a simpler execution of adding a separate style sheet for the eSports section on the original Ladbrokes app. Though it’s a short sighted and not as effective approach.

Going with what we went for allowed us to play with various typefaces and colours. I moved the needle a bit and still tried to appease shareholders.

I chose similar successful typefaces in other products older millennials might be using as AirTasker, Uber, airbnb etc.

And took to soft gradients in the menu to give the white space a bit of breathing room. Those apps mentioned all do one thing really simply. And as we weren’t bogged down that type could do a lot of the talking for the design.

Product Design and Outcome

When we spoke about product inclusions to we wanted to test drive a product that we’d keep quite secret. I can’t show this for privacy reasons though a great acquisition tool. Nice to try and kill two birds with one stone.

Ladbrokes had me working in-house. So they had the budget and flexibility to pivot when necessary.

We ended up canning the project ?. As resources drew thin, closer to development I got a swift stop work order on

Designing this app was great at the start: Plenty of hope, exciting prospect though the resources for this to be manned were beyond the companies capabilities.

How Did I Provide Value?

Designing an awesome app that can be used in the future once resources could be allocated.